CSR – Ultrasound Scanners & Surgical Accessories

Fourrts has tied-up with Rotary Club of Aarch City-Madras, Chennai and completed the Corporate Social Responsibility project – “EFFECTIVE DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT FACILITY FOR CANCER AFFECTED CHILDREN IN CHENNAI” at Institute of Child Health, Madras Medical College, Chennai with an objective to help the needy cancer affected children in the community with effective diagnosis and efficient treatment with the help of the Ultrasound Scanners, that are critically in need.  The direct beneficiaries of the project are the poor and needy children who are affected with Cancer.  By the use of Ultrasound Scanner, the diagnosis can happen without any delay due to increase in capacity of the equipment being provided, and by using the latest, advanced laparoscopic Equipments and Surgical accessories, so that the surgeries will be more precise / fine, which helps in avoiding repetitive surgeries to clear the Cancer tumour.