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NEFROSAVE FORTE Tablet is a combination medicine that helps to delay the progression of Chronic  Kidney disease associated with diabetes and hypertension.


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Disease Details

Kidney disease  can be broadly classified into two types : Chronic kidney disease  (CKD) and Acute Kidney injury (AKI).  Both if untreated can lead to permanent kidney  damage. Long term diabetes and hypertension can lead to CKD. Other acute ailments such as COVID-19  or usage of contrast media can cause AKI

Each Flim Coated Tablet contains:

Acetylcysteine USP  (300mg)

Pyridoxamine (50 mg)

Nefrosave Forte is beneficial in reduction of Macroalbuminuria & Creatinemia associated with CKD Stages 3–5.

NAC use was associated with 18% reduction in the risk for ESRD.*

*Eur.J.of Int.Med.2017

The recommended dose of Nefrosave forte is 1-2 Tablets twice daily after food or as directed by the Physician.

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