Regulated Markets

Fourrts has become a respected contract manufacturing facility for customer’s in the United Kingdom / Europe /Australia /Canada and other countries. The facility has UK MHRA and EU GMP approval from both Malta and Germany. Desk Top Approval is from Health authorities in Australia and Canada.

Fourrts holds UK Market Authorization for Metformin F/c Tabs 500/850mg; Ibuprofen F/c Tabs 200/400/600mg; Paracetamol Tabs/Caps 500mg; Propranolol Tabs 10/40mg; Atenolol Tabs 25/50/100mg; Furosemide Tabs 20/40mg.

Fourrts has initiated manufacture of exhibit batches towards dossier filing with US FDA authorities and the Plant approval is expected by Mar 2023.

World Class manufacturing facility for Tablets and Capsules housed with state of art Production and Analytical Lab Equipments. Facility also equipped with in-house Research & Development Lab – a miniature production facility. R & D Lab is supported by a dedicated team of scientists who are committed to do both site transfer and tech transfer products besides product development.

Seeking strategic alliances to extend the facility for Contract Manufacturing Operations to countries including Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Portugal, Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Greece, Australia, Canada and other regulated markets.

Interested in developing generic pharmaceutical formulations and collaborating with business partners for products going off-patent.

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