Product Details

Sucrafil O Gel is a combination of Sucralfate and Oxetacaine.

Sucralfate is a gastric cytoprotective medicine used for healing  erosions associated with Acid peptic diseases like GERD, Gastric/duodenal ulcers & Gastritis.

Oxetacaine is a locally acting anaesthetic drug that offers instant relief from pain and discomfort.

Disease Details

Acid peptic diseases like Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease, Gastric & duodenal ulcers & Gastritis are caused due to damage or erosion in the gastrointestinal mucosa (Stomach wall lining).

Heartburn is an acute symptom of GERD caused by backward movement of acid into the food pipe.

Sucralfate (500mg/5ml) + Oxetacaine (10mg/5ml)

Sucralfate  works by enhancing the protective factors in the stomach mucosa namely prostaglandin E2, Improves microcirculation & strengthens mucus bicarbonate barrier thereby heals erosions.

Oxetacaine is a locally acting anesthetic agent that offers instant relief from pain & Discomfort.

Sucrafil  O Gel is sugar free and safe for diabetic patients.

Sucrafil O Gel is available in anti-counterfeit pack with 3D hologram and QR (Quick Response) code.

10ml before every meal or as directed by your physician

What to do if I miss the dose of Sucrafil O Gel?

Take your medicine as soon as you remember that you missed your dose, do not overdose yourself.

Is Sucrafil  O Gel Safe for Pregnant women?

Both Sucralfate & oxetacaine are locally acting drug which is not systemically absorbed. Hence may not have any side effects. Seek your physician’s advice before you use this medication

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